Though family abhors my work, I revel in it.

Stem cell research is still taboo, but it’s easy to throw morals out the window when you can block out where all your material is coming from.

Until you can’t.

Peering into the microscope, I see a tiny person, curled into the fetal position.

I sit back, blink, look again.

And that’s when it waves at me.


Laundry Day



Today was laundry day, and Elise read me the comics while I waited for our clothes to wash.

I used to hate doing laundry at the laundromat, but now I find it to be one of the more relaxing chores that I have to do each week, and believe it’s one of those strange changes that comes with adulthood.

Or maybe it’s the succumbing to the fact that laundry is something that must be done, so we might as well find a way to make it enjoyable.


“If you are the light, if your enemies are darkness, then there’s nothing that you cannot justify. There’s nothing you can’t survive, because there’s nothing that you will not do.”
Emily St. John Mandel, Station Eleven

Dead Man Drifting

“It’s gone.”

“He drank it?”

“Every drop.”

“Rum will dehydrate him as much as seawater.”

I nodded.

Silence as we narrowed our eyes at the sleeping form in the corner of the raft.

“And the chocolate?”

I nodded again.

“I’ll kill him.”

Hello world!

I’ve been wanting to do this for ages: start a new self-hosted blog on the domain that I’ve owned for the better part of a decade and never use.

Build my forever home, as it were, on the Interwebz.

It’s taken me a month to get to this point. I had to find the perfect theme and customize it to perfection as I always do, the terrible distraction/addiction!

I did pick the “perfect theme” and paid a hundred dollars for it! But then I realized that it wasn’t exactly what I wanted and I had terrible buyer’s remorse, and after the buyer’s remorse set in, I really got to work on trying to make the theme lovable, and then I completely imploded my website that I had been secretly been working on all week.

So, here I am!

Starting from scratch again today, with a perfect, simple (and FREE) theme aptly called FIRST, and finally feel like I can settle down at the keyboard like I’ve been wanting to do all damn week, and write my first post.


Now I can get down to the actual business of writing.

Writing fiction, writing about books, writing about reading, writing about writing, and writing about not writing.

I also take a lot of pictures of myself and my daughter and of my really boring life, all with my iPhone 6.

I watch too much TV while I don’t write, and I’m obsessed with The Walking Dead, and moderately obsessed with The Vampire Diaries.

Sound cool? Good. Because that’s pretty much all I foresee going on around here.